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We’ve already grown from a single-person business operating from home, to a 5-star rated multi-award winning company with offices and a whole team of HR consultants, trainers, and employment law experts. From our origins in HR support and consultancy we’ve diversified into HR, management, and wellbeing training, and are currently developing additional sister brands so that we can help you with a whole package of people-related support.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and in particular, the reputation we’ve established within the local small business community. We offer you the stability of an established company, the credibility of one with a history of local clients, and the capability of one that’s grown beyond the one-person stage. You can be fully confident that we’re able to deliver what we promise, and can trust that we’ll reliably be there in the future when you need help.

But don’t take our word for it.

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Really useful tips

I really enjoyed the session and found some really useful tips that will help me in the future. The trainer was engaging and shared some personal experiences which was brave and helped to illustrate the points.

Lisa Bryant
HR Director

Great Course

I really enjoyed this course and the content was just right. A valuable insight into mental health and how it may impact on the individual you are supporting. Signs to look out for, some of which are not obvious. A lot of group work, which I prefer, as you can brain storm together and learn from each other. Some great video’s to watch too.
How to be an ‘active listener’, which is not as easy as it sounds. Role play helped with this. The manual you can access online is a great resource.
What an honour to gain this qualification and to be able to support your colleagues.

Amanda Spray
Care Services Administrator

Excellent training

I recently attended the 2-day MHFA course and it was a pleasure to have Annie as our instructor for the 2-days, you can tell that she has been delivering training for some years as she was very knowledgeable and comfortable in delivering the course subject matter. I envisaged the course to be very intense and PowerPoint driven but this was not the case there was plenty of interaction on the course with other attendees and chances to discuss our own experiences which really helps in linking everything together from the course content. Plus any instructor that brings a goodie basket will always be welcome. A thoroughly enjoyable course thank you again Annie.

Wesley Farrell
H&S Manager
Murphy and Son Ltd

Really helpful

I love the half-day session. I was fully engaged throughout. Annie knows how to bring the material to life and provide a thought-provoking session.
I would certainly recommend this session.

Suzi Rose
L&D Advisor

Mental Health First Aid Training

A highly informative and interesting course, delivered sensitively yet entertainingly by Amanda Jackson. I now feel way more equipped to deal with mental health issues both in my personal and professional life. A hugely beneficial two days – thank you.

Helen Brown
Business Manager
West Bridgford, Nottingham


I attended the two day mental health first aider course , with Annie the teacher who was amazing , very knowledgeable and understanding . would highly recommend this training.

Molly Paulson
Care Services Co-ordinator


A great workshop delivered by Annie Litchfield. Very much brought to life by her bubbly personality, her personal willingness to share her journey which was infectious on the groups openness.
Much insight around stressors and the ability to cope with them, which provided for some valuable take aways. With having a slightly more informed insight into Stressors and Coping Strategies (MSc), I did wonder whether the presentation might have benefited from a little academic insight in the intro ie What stress is. Generally the 2 categorisations of coping mechanisms ie Problem Solving and Emotional regulation. But all in all very insightful, enjoyable and useful.

Ian Raspin
Olympic Prg Coach
British Canoeing

Useful course

This was a useful course covering some well known and less well known issues in discrimination. It’s interesting to see the views on the differences between banter, bullying and harassment. This is a massive subject, quite contentious in many ways and open to much debate but the course aims to set the ground rules and increase awareness in the workplace.

Nicholas Brading
Technical Sales

MHFA Training

What could have been PowerPoint overload and an emotionally difficult couple of days was handled brilliantly with excellent delivery by Annie, who used a combination of the course content and her own experiences to create an engaging and inclusive environment for everyone. I would 100% recommend this course delivered by Annie to every business!

Poppy Sinclair
Sales Manager

Nottingham business needing management training?

Are you a Nottingham business looking for management training?

Well, you may be restricting your options somewhat if you're only searching for 'management training Nottingham', 'Nottingham management courses', or the like.

Because we're not actually based in Nottingham, but just down the A52 in Derby.

Nevertheless, we're equally happy to deliver our management training at your site in Nottingham or at our offices in Derby. Or alternatively at a Nottingham off-site training venue. Or indeed, at any other location that you'd prefer.

Seeing as we're located pretty much bang in the middle of the country, it's easy for us to get to most places. We've delivered regular courses in London, Bristol, Northampton, and Birmingham. We've previously been all the way up to Glasgow. In fact, we've even delivered training as far afield as Egypt. So you can see that Nottingham is absolutely no problem at all for us.

And as a result of Covid, we now also offer the option of online delivery for all our management training, which provides a flexible and time-efficient alternative solution for busy businesses, wherever they may be.

So, now that you've found us, why not give us a ring and see what we can do for you? You may be pleasantly surprised by the value we can offer in comparison to Nottingham management training providers. After all, we're not having to maintain fancy offices in the Lace Market are we?

We can help you with management training in Nottingham!

Already know what you want? Great, let's get to it!

Not sure exactly what you need? No problem!

Our friendly and down-to-earth management training experts will point you in the right direction. We'd love to have an informal chat to find out more about your business and so help you identify the areas most in need of attention.

We're not after a quick sale, we're all about building long-term relationships. In fact, we don't even employ any sales people. Which means that right from the start you'll be talking directly to someone who can actually help you!

We're ready and waiting, so just get in touch!

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Scheduled management training courses for Nottingham businesses

  • How to Recruit the Right Person
    on Tuesday 12th March, 2024

    Top tips to recruit and hire within the law and understand the basics to an efficient process to get the right person in the right job.

  • How to Empower your Workforce through Coaching and Delegation
    on Tuesday 26th March, 2024

    Understand the importance of coaching and delegation and discover top tips on how to enhance team performance through empowerment and improved culture.

  • How to be an Authentic Leader
    on Thursday 28th March, 2024

    Top tips for developing emotional intelligence and becoming a more effective communicator, active listener and authentic leader.

  • How to Motivate your Team
    on Tuesday 16th April, 2024

    How your role as a leader contributes towards team motivation and how employee engagement is critical to success and productivity.

  • How to be a Manager
    on Tuesday 23rd April, 2024

    Getting started as a new manager? Top tips to set you on the right path.

More Courses

On-demand management training courses for Nottingham businesses

  • Diverse Minds: Leading With Understanding in a Neurodiverse World

    Understanding and embracing neurodiversity is crucial for creating environments where all employees, regardless of how their mind works, can thrive.

  • Understanding Team Dynamics

    Who's your dream team? The Avengers? The England rugby team? Destiny's Child? This session will look at how you can work towards developing your own dream team of high performers. Find out if your team is forming, storming, norming or performing and whether you've got any Plants, Shapers or Specialists in your team.

  • Developing Coaching Skills

    The ability to ask the right questions is a powerful management skill. We will show you how to channel your inner Jedi to support your team to work out the answers to their questions. We will share a super simple coaching model that you can utilise for either day to day conversations, or more structured coaching for your team's development.

  • Managing Hybrid Workers

    This workshop will guide managers on how to manage, performance manage and boost productivity of hybrid teams. Dealing with team members both at home and in the workplace can be a challenge so we will discuss our top tips to getting it right and the 4 building blocks to support your hybrid future.

  • Managing Talent

    This workshop identifies what skills and traits are critical to your business recovery. What 6 key steps to take to close the ‘readiness gap'? And tools to help identify, develop and retain key talent. Discover who are your shining stars?

More Courses

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