Understanding Team Dynamics

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Who’s your dream team? The Avengers? The England rugby team? Destiny’s Child? This session will look at how you can work towards developing your own dream team of high performers. Find out if your team is forming, storming, norming or performing and whether you’ve got any Plants, Shapers or Specialists in your team.


Building a successful team can be challenging and difficult because it brings together a diverse group of people who have a variety of past work experiences, goals, opinions, values, upbringings, prior team experiences and skills. As managers we want to create teams where people love to come to work every day and have a great sense of belonging, where there is a bit of fun and enjoyment each day too. With these teams we can expect to have greater levels of productivity and performance. So everyone is a winner! But this is not easy to achieve.

This workshop will look at ways to build and maintain an effective team and discuss the key actions to take to start to build a high performing team.

Course Content

This course covers:

Half day session

  • Understanding everyone’s team role to develop strengths and manage weaknesses
  • Understanding group dynamics to help your team become more effective more quickly
  • The 3 keys to motivation and how to use them to get the most from your team
  • The 5 key management behaviours to creating high performance teams
  • The importance of diversity to your team success

1-day session

All the above plus:

  • Case studies to explore the common challenges of developing a successful team
  • Developing an action plan of how you can move your team forward


Full Day, Half Day, Two Hours


Classroom, Online

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