Bespoke Management Training

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best possible solution for our clients and we know that this isn’t always an off-the-shelf training package. Whilst we have a library of management training modules and programmes we can tailor this content to meet the needs of your organisation. If you want us to include details of your performance management system then we can, if you want us to discuss your HR policies and processes then we can integrate that in too. We can ensure that the courses we deliver integrate seamlessly with the specific organisational content that you need.

We can also offer bite-sized sessions to suit your needs. These might include a lunch and learn programme of events or weekly short sessions to build on knowledge. We can adapt our material to suit your needs and learning objectives. Just get in touch!

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Training Needs Analysis

We know how important it is to get the best return for your investment in whatever training solution you choose, that’s why we will help you to clearly identify your way forward. We will work closely with you to uncover the reasons for your need for training and explore the options best suited to meet that need. Not sure what training you do need? We can help here too. We can speak with your directors, managers and team members to find out where skills and knowledge might be lacking and help identify your priorities based on your business focus.

Post-Training Support

We don’t view our training simply as an end in itself. Since we also we also run an HR Consultancy which actually deals with all the issues we talk about on a day-to-day basis, we can provide integrated programmes of training, post-course support, and mentoring to ensure that your employees are fully able to make effective use of their newly acquired skills upon returning to the workplace.

Fully Tailored Service

Our Training Consultants can work closely with you to identify the specific learning requirements of your team and design learning interventions to suit. Whether this be online workshops, webinars, face-to-face courses, workbooks, or coaching. Even if it is not our area of expertise, our Consultants are experienced training professionals who can work with other subject matter experts to put together training sessions that can be delivered within organisations alongside those experts for maximum impact.

Transparent Pricing

Our bespoke training costs vary depending on the project and are based on the design and delivery time required. We offer completely transparent pricing, so once a full project scope has been identified we’ll draw you up a fully itemised quote. This will make it totally clear up front exactly what you will be paying and exactly what you’ll be getting for that, with no extra hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Contact Us

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