People Skills

aka ‘Soft’ Skills Training Courses
People skills are often sweepingly dismissed as ‘soft’ skills, yet they can be some of the most challenging to successfully master.

“The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff”

Roger Enrico
Vice Chairman, PepsiCo
Fortune, November 27th, 1995

Nevertheless, no business or manager can operate properly without them, so their importance should not be underestimated.

“Your career success in the workplace of today – independent of technical expertise – depends on the quality of your people skills.”

Max Messmer
Chairman & CEO, Robert Half International Inc

Such interpersonal skills, personal effectiveness skills, and other ‘soft’ skills might be better thought of as ‘durable’ skills, since they have a long lifetime of relevance and usefulness. In contrast, technical skills related to a specific area of a particular business can often be much more ‘perishable’, since technologies and processes evolve over time. Consequently, management training in the area of people skills offers an excellent return on investment for a business.

We can deliver all of the courses below either as online webinars or as classroom-based training, with durations adjustable from two hours to a full day.

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  • Developing Creative Thinking Skills

    From £674 for up to 12 delegates ( + VAT)

    Want to rev up your meetings with some new problem-solving and collaboration ideas? You do? Awesome! Get set to wear some different Thinking Hats and make some BEAN's. Find out if you are a dreamer, a builder or an imagineer when it comes to your creative thinking.

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills

    From £674 for up to 12 delegates ( + VAT)

    It takes an emotionally competent manager to be able to communicate with their team with compassion and empathy. This session will help managers and leaders tap into their own and others emotions and reach out with understanding and sincerity. Discover how well you score on the 5 core emotional intelligence competencies.

  • Developing Motivational Skills

    From £674 for up to 12 delegates ( + VAT)

    What makes people tick? Is it the carrot or the stick? Is it the big bucks or the pats on the back? Find out what the 3 keys to employee motivation are on this enlightening course.

  • Developing Time Management Skills

    From £674 for up to 12 delegates ( + VAT)

    Want to learn how to juggle the gazillion things you have on your to do list? Well this course might help you feel like you are only juggling a million! Yay, winner! Find out how you can Eat That Frog to beat your procrastination.

  • Exploring Neurodiversity

    From £674 for up to 12 delegates ( + VAT)

    This 3-hour course is designed for team members seeking a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and its impact on the workplace. Learners will explore various neurodivergent conditions, gaining insights into the strengths and challenges associated with each.

  • Managing Difficult Conversations

    From £674 for up to 12 delegates ( + VAT)

    Are there difficult conversations you're putting off having? You know, those ones that give you that knot in your stomach just thinking about them? The ones that all your team members can see you're busy avoiding? You are not alone, many line managers feel exactly the same way. Fear not! We'll show you a super simple framework to guide you through difficult conversations, and share a wealth of tips to help you feel calm, confident, and in control.

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