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We provide East Midlands businesses with practical training for managers, supervisors, and team leaders. As you’d expect, our management, HR, wellbeing, and soft skills courses are designed and delivered by a highly qualified, experienced, and accredited team of experts. But since we also run a multi-award winning HR Consultancy, we actually do all the things we talk about in our training, on a day-to-day basis out there in the real-world. As a result, we can adopt a down-to-earth and business focused approach within our courses, bringing theory to life by drawing on numerous interesting cases that we have ourselves personally dealt with.

So, rather than boring you with a load of dull hypothetical academic talk, we’ll instead show you the best practical ways to effectively deal with the types of tricky management issues that you’re likely to really face within your workplace. Which means that our training fully involves participants through interactive exercises, case studies, and Q&A sessions. No ‘death by PowerPoint’ here!

We supply the full lifecycle of training services, all the way from initial pre-training needs analysis to post-training evaluations and follow-up support. We can deliver our management training in whatever format best suits you, ranging from single off-the-shelf bite-sized webinars to bespoke programmes of full-day classroom based sessions with comprehensive follow-up support. We don’t view our training as simply an end in itself, but rather as an effective means of helping your business get to where it wants to go.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Brilliant course

Really enjoying this course. Very informative. The course tutor was very knowledgeable along with being approachable.

Tracey Carver
Welfare Officer

Full of insight and research

If you’re going to get conned into a seminar on GDPR it might as well be one that is full of insight and research that you’d spend 100s of hours on yourself ! And then a bonus of spreadsheets and templates to make your life so much easier leading up to May !!

Dr Bill Peacock

Really good and interesting and very useful

The webinar was perfect for me the content was really good and interesting and very useful. The interaction just by message was better for me than being on camera. Thanks for a good course.

Mark Reed
Funeral Team Manager

Informative and engaging

Annie’s, training sessions are informative, and engaging.I found this course very useful for my day to day role , it gave me a better understanding of what authentic leadership is about and how to approach and deal with issues which may arise in the workplace and has given me renewed confidence to handle them effectively.

Loates Management Training courses are delivered in a clear and concise manner making the content easy to understand , Highly recommended.

Shawn Williams
Customer Service Improvement Manager

Highly recommended!

Sarah and Annie created a tailored training programme to meet our business needs, which was great! The courses were full of insightful information and we left equipped with useful tools and techniques to implement into our businesses. The courses were engaging, inclusive and fun!

Stephanie Carpenter
HR Admin

Very interesting and helpful

I found this course to be incredibly valuable in highlighting the significance of knowledge. The content was both engaging and informative, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Sarah, our instructor, was delightful and effectively communicated complex concepts. I am eager to take more courses offered here in the future.

Alexandra Rotila
Production Manager


We are a national charity and were looking for bespoke initial management training, carried out online, for first-line managers and those we thought would be likely to move into a managerial role. We trialled Loates HR who designed a programme according to our needs, carried out over three hours every month for 10 months by the very knowledgeable and always positive and engaging, Annie.

The programme was very thoughtfully arranged, and the SMT also participated in the programme separately, to sense check the input but also to refresh some of our long lost knowledge.

Annie was excellent, always held the attention of participants, introduced participatory elements to engage the students and explored existing knowledge and experience.

The content was also first class with lots of great practical learning, linked to contemporary practice, that was always captivating.

I would highly recommend Loates HR and Annie for training and we will certainly continue our training and the relationship we have built with the team

Kevin Mathieson

Great course

Although having been a manager for many years there is always more you can learn. Also, provides an opportunity to reflect on your own practice and validate you are ‘doing a good job’!. This course did exactly that.
Sarah, the trainer, was fantastic, delivered the course really well, got everyone engaged. I particularly liked the way she asked participants questions without them necessarily expecting it. Very easy during virtual training to be distracted with other work, particularly with the camera off! Sarah made sure she had everyone’s attention, gave everyone the opportunity to contribute and was very knowledgeable about the subject. She utilised participants experience well.
Great course, would highly recommend to new and long standing managers.

Angie Thompson

Great Educational Course

I participated in a 2 day training course for a qualification as a MHFA first aider. The course was really good, well delivered and a success, I feel confident in being able to deliver what was taught and given to me within my work role and in general. Thank you Loates and thanks Annie!!

Christian Parkinson
Physical Health and Activity officer
Derby County Community Trust

No 'death by PowerPoint' here!

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