Developing Leadership Skills

From £674 for up to 12 delegates

This session focuses on building a high performing management team who can work collaboratively with trust and accountability. Trust underpins any high performing team so you will get the chance to find out whose marble jar of trust you need to top up to lay the right foundations for your team.


As a leader or business owner, developing your management team is a business-critical imperative. As Chris Henderson, noted in his book, ‘Jump: Deliver astonishing results by unleashing your leadership team’, you cannot do it alone. You need a team working collaboratively with a sense of community and belonging who feel excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Your managers are on the frontline soothing day-to-day frustrations and anxieties of your workforce. They need to provide a supportive working environment for their people whilst also making sure the job gets done and that the bottom line is delivered. So, what support do you need to lead your dream team?

Course Content

This course will include the following:

Half day session

  • Why management teams matter and what your team needs right now
  • What makes a high performing management team?
  • Building the relationships to develop trust to tackle the challenging conversations
  • Focusing on powerful goals and priorities with accountability
  • Team dynamics and team roles – where is your team at and what role do you all play?
  • The six high performing team conversations

1-day session

All the above plus:

  • Cases studies to explore common leadership challenges
  • Developing an action plan of practical ways to move your leadership skills forward


Full Day, Half Day, Two Hours


Classroom, Online

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