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    From £2,938.50 for up to 12 delegates
    So, we now know the roadmap out of recovery, we have a plan. Time now to get 'match fit' to lead your team out of recovery into a post-COVID world of hybrid working. This programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to fully engage and energise your team. Which in turn will increase team morale, enthusiasm, creativity and resilience.
  • Building Personal Resilience and Wellbeing

    From £715 for up to 12 delegates
    Bouncing back from life's ups and downs can be challenging if we don't spend the time to take care of ourselves and build our 'bouncebackability' toolbox. This session will help you to idenitfy where your stesses come from, how you can cope with them, how you can reframe your thinking and develop skills and actions to help you to lead a productive, fulfilling life.
  • Developing Coaching Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    The ability to ask the right questions is a powerful management skill. We will show you how to channel your inner Jedi to support your team to work out the answers to their questions. We will share a super simple coaching model that you can utilise for either day to day conversations, or more structured coaching for your team's development.
  • Developing Creative Thinking Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    Want to rev up your meetings with some new problem-solving and collaboration ideas? You do? Awesome! Get set to wear some different Thinking Hats and make some BEAN's. Find out if you are a dreamer, a builder or an imagineer when it comes to your creative thinking.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    It takes an emotionally competent manager to be able to communicate with their team with compassion and empathy. This session will help managers and leaders tap into their own and others emotions and reach out with understanding and sincerity. Discover how well you score on the 5 core emotional intelligence competencies.
  • Developing Interviewing Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    Do you find time and time again you recruit a person and not the person? So, channel your inner Simon Cowell and understand how to spot talent and identify potential. We will share with you values based recruitment and person-organisation-fit. Let us share with you how to sharpen your interview skills to really dig down below the jazz hands and spangly CV to find out if the candidate really has got talent.
  • Developing Leadership Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    This session focuses on building a high performing management team who can work collaboratively with trust and accountability. Trust underpins any high performing team so you will get the chance to find out whose marble jar of trust you need to top up to lay the right foundations for your team.
  • Developing Management Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    New to management? Not sure how to go from mate to manager? Or did you just get promoted and never had the opportunity to explore what it means to manage? Want to see how you fair with your management skills? Then take our skills assessment that you will get with attendance on this course and build your own action plan for development.
  • Developing Motivational Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    What makes people tick? Is it the carrot or the stick? Is it the big bucks or the pats on the back? Find out what the 3 keys to employee motivation are on this enlightening course.
  • Developing Presentation Delivery Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    Want to confidently strut your stuff presenting like a a super cool tech boss at an Apple convention in a turtle neck and jeans? This course could get you on your way. You get to leave with our top 10 tips for delivering a presentation with impact.
  • Developing Presentation Design Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    Do you want to be able to design presentations that keep your audience engaged without the need to be a PowerPoint tech genius? Then this is the session for you! This session will help you structure your presentation to deliver your key message without the waffle!
  • Developing Time Management Skills

    From £510 for up to 12 delegates
    Want to learn how to juggle the gazillion things you have on your to do list? Well this course might help you feel like you are only juggling a million! Yay, winner! Find out how you can Eat That Frog to beat your procrastination.
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