Managing Trust & Morale

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If we could condense this session into one word it would be ‘communicate’. Thankfully, we’re not going to be getting you be doing some crazy trust exercises we are going to be giving you some practical pointers to up the trust and morale levels in your business. Take the 13 question trust assessment to see how you fair with your relationships.


Two in three employers say maintaining employee morale is a challenge (Society for Human Resource Management survey, 2020). Many businesses initially struggled to live their values, as some sectors went into freefall, and business owners saw their business shut shop overnight, became temporarily paralysed with uncertainty.

It is no wonder that some employees felt left in the dark, unsure of their futures, and that trust and engagement had dwindled. ‘Embedding trust into COVID-19 recovery’ (Deloitte, 2020) states that trust is critical to recovery and that leaders need to demonstrate competence in doing the right things and intent by doing those things for the right reasons.

During this interactive online workshop, we will explore the factors that affect your company culture and employee engagement as we move to a post COVID-19 recovery phase. The session is aimed at business leaders and line managers who want to have a clearer picture on how to rebuild trust and expectations with their employees.

Course Content

This course covers:

Half a day session

  • Trust in times of crisis
  • What is the psychological contract and why is it important?
  • Practical tips to rebuild trust
  • How to re-engage with your employees
  • Deeper dive into employee engagement and the 12 key questions to ask your employees
  • The dimensions of trust: physical, emotional and financial

1 day session

All the above plus:

  • Case studies to explore the common problems of employee trust and morale
  • Developing an action plan of how you can move your levels of trust, morale and employee engagement forward


Full Day, Half Day, Two Hours


Classroom, Online

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