Developing Time Management Skills

From £674 for up to 12 delegates

Want to learn how to juggle the gazillion things you have on your to do list? Well this course might help you feel like you are only juggling a million! Yay, winner! Find out how you can Eat That Frog to beat your procrastination.

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Ever feel you just don’t have enough time in the day? Do you often waste time on trivial tasks when you have a list of more important things to do? Do you have difficulty juggling all your roles in work and your personal life?

If so then this practical course will show you just where time is lost, its impact on you and others and will then show you how effective prioritisation and management of time can make a difference to your work-life balance.

Course Content

The course covers:

Half day session

  • Responsibilities and priorities at work and personal life
  • Recognising your personal time stealers
  • How to prioritise your workload
  • Proactive planning
  • Procrastination – how to tackle those things you keep putting off
  • Productivity tips to be more focused and get more done

1-day session

All the above plus:

  • Cases studies to explore common time management challenges
  • Developing an action plan of practical ways to move your time management skills forward


Full Day, Half Day, Two Hours


Classroom, Online

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