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New Team Leader

From £2,938.50 for up to 12 delegates

This programme combines a range of management, HR, personal effectiveness and wellbeing modules specially selected to help your new managers, supervisors and team leaders get the start that they need to confidently guide their colleagues to success.

Prices cover up to 12 delegates.
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Starting your first role as a Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager can be daunting. Going from mate to manager can be a challenge to take a step back and not only get to grips with the task side of the role but also the people management side such as motivation, delegation, performance management, building the team and getting the best from everyone. On top of this there are the thoughts that you don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. You know there are laws out there that protect employees but you don’t know what they are and how they affect your new role. It feels a little overwhelming doesn’t it?

Our New Team Leader Programme is here to help.


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