Online Management Training

Interactive training

We love a good natter and love to gather opinions from our delegates on our courses. Our style is to facilitate rather than to tell. To do this online we therefore like to have everyone on camera and the mics on when needed to be able to hear what everyone has to say. At the end of the day, its your course not ours!

In our experience, for a truly interactive workshop the numbers are best kept to below 12 and ideally between 8 and 10 delegates. This allows for everyone to feel like they have the opportunity to have a say and to enable the content to be worked through in the time allowed. This would be our recommendation for all of our modules.

Getting involved

We like to bring a high level of interactivity to our sessions and include the use of discussions, exercises, quizzes, polls, break out rooms, whiteboards, and annotation. Just like our face-to-face sessions we want to ensure the activities are varied and deliver the content in the best possible way. The sessions will vary between group work, small break out sessions and individual work.

Our courses can look like your courses!

Our off-the-shelf online sessions can be updated with your branding free of charge. That means the PowerPoint presentation and any handouts will have your logo, look and feel so it has a clear company message throughout.

Getting more bang for your buck!

To get the most from these sessions and get more bang for your buck, we recommend utilising the pre and post session work we have designed with each module. This may be a self-assessment, prior reading, preparatory questions, watching a short video or simply just to consider what each delegate wants to get from the session and what are the actions following. That way delegates come ready to get stuck into the material and leave having a clear plan of how they can utilise their new knowledge or skill.

What's included?

Each online session includes:

  • attendance on the session for up to 12 delegates
  • the price is the same regardless of numbers (max. 12) - however the fewer the delegates the more focussed the session will be on their specific needs
  • our bang up-to-date handout pack of top tips and templates emailed to all delegates
  • your branding on all course materials
  • book recommendations for the topic

Bespoke options

If you would like to discuss delivery in another format; webinar or pre-recorded video, or to design content specific to your organisation then please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.