Tailored Management Training

Made-to-measure managment training

We’re not one of those management training providers that just goes for a one-size-fits-all solution.  We know that employee development can be tricky at times but we will support you all of the way from training needs analysis to delivery if that’s what you need. But if you’re pretty much sure about what you’re doing training-wise, and just want a sounding-board to check your thinking, then we won’t patronise you or waste your time. We will just supply you with the best solution for your needs.

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Business-focussed management training

We will ensure that any training solution we propose is focused on your business objectives. We wont just sell you an off-the-shelf course that only meets some of your needs. We know your time and money is precious so we will tailor-make a solution just for you. We understand that you’re in charge of running your company, so we’ll give you a range of options based on your needs, and guide you through the pros and cons of these, so that you can decide which action you’d prefer to take. Our approach is all about listening to what you actually want to achieve with your business, and then giving you the necessary practical training support to help make that happen.

Don’t have an internal training team?

If you don’t have an internal training team, and you’d like your non-training managers to actually carry out some of your day-to-day training work, then we can guide them. Our experienced trainers can teach managers about how best to help people learn. Alternatively, we can provide a fully outsourced training service where we take it all off your hands, and handle absolutely everything for you. Or something in between.

Recruiting an internal training team?

And if you decide your expanding business warrants its own in-house training team at some point, then we’re completely fine with that, and perfectly happy to help you set it up. We can use our experience of working and recruiting within the HR industry to help you find the right training people for your business. This could involve us drawing up job specifications, drafting and placing adverts, or assisting with screening, testing, and interviewing candidates. We can also provide followup support to help them get settled in.

Already have an internal training team?

If you already have an internal training team, we can work with them at a technical level to provide mentoring, specialist advice, or simply additional resources. We can help with particularly challenging development needs, provide cover for holidays and sickness, and manage fluctuations in workload. In particular, we can act as a sounding board, mentor, or contingency for lone internal training staff, particularly those who have inherited the role and learnt on the job, rather than through formal training.

Strategic people development for the future

If your day-to-day operational management training is all under control and operating smoothly, we can help you with strategic training projects to support future business objectives. Our senior consultants are used to carrying out a business partner role, including operating at board level, and can even act as your training director if that’s what you require.

Whatever you need, we can help

So, whether you need our assistance at operational or strategic levels, and whether you need full service training support or just to call on our expertise when you need it, we offer a range of completely tailored service options to suit your business. Hands on, hands off, use us more, or use us less – it’s completely up to you.
    We offer…

  • Flexible, fully-tailored training support
  • Pragmatic business focussed solutions
  • Simple pay as you go (PAYG) billing
  • No tie-ins, restrictions, or up-front fees
    For companies without an internal training team, we can provide…

  • Fully outsourced training team
  • Line-manager training
  • Recruitment support
    We can support…

  • Business owners
  • Line-managers
  • Lone internal training staff
  • Internal training teams
    For companies with an internal training team, we can provide…

  • Training expertise
  • Cover, contingency, work-load balancing
  • Mentoring
    We’re equally able to handle…

  • reactive training and development issues, or planned strategic projects
  • day-to-day operational/transactional training, or high-level strategic/transformational training
  • being your outsourced training team, or supporting your in-house training team
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