Personal Management Training

We put the people back into training

We pride ourselves on offering energetic and enthusiastic sessions and that is due to the people we have running them. We want our trainers to have their personality shine through and do not advocate a standardised approach. Whilst we always want to ensure quality in each of our sessions, we also want to demonstrate the individual strengths that make our trainers who they are.

We believe our training consultants are one of main reasons why our clients come back to us. After all, training is about people!

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Information is not enough

I mean, would you be okay just relying on a diagnostic manual for your medical care? Or only consulting a pool of random doctors via the phone? Or learning how to do surgery on yourself from the internet? Because in effect we’re the equivalent of health care professionals for your ‘sick’ workforce.

Whilst an impersonal training support service might be sufficient if you only required factual information, our experience has shown us that such information is probably only the first thing that you’ll need. What about your business objectives? Or how about how the learning will be implemented into the workplace? What about follow up? Or a discussion of whether training is actually the answer?  Or advice on possible alternatives? Or just a sounding board to explore your thoughts and concerns?

We want to work with you to provide the best outcome and will give more than just an off-the-shelf solution.

We provide personal support

Indeed, often the most important thing we provide is simply personal support. Our training consultants can help you every step of the way from training needs analysis and strategy through to delivery and evaluation. We know employee development can be challenging at times with so many options and considerations to make. We run a business and manage staff too, so we completely understand what you’re going through.

We regularly find that business owners and managers know exactly what they want to do, but struggle to  always understand how. So, we assign a named training expert to be your single point of contact, who will really get to know you and your business. They’ll not only be able to personally provide you with a comprehensive package of personal advice and support, but will also act as the face-to-face or online facilitator of any training that is agreed. We can offer as much or as little support as you need.

We’re great listeners

We listen to what you actually want to achieve with your business, and then give you the necessary practical training support to help make that happen. We understand that you’re in charge of running your company, so won’t just blindly insist that you must follow a particular course of action. Instead, we’ll give you a range of options and guide you through the pros and cons of these, so that you can decide which one you’d prefer to take.

We’re adaptable

We’ve got a great deal of experience in dealing with different types of people. We’re equally comfortable talking to board-level executives, family-business members, shop-floor workers, business owners, managers, union representatives, other HR and training professionals, lawyers, amongst many others.

We’re all about long-term relationships

We pride ourselves on the high levels of personal service we provide, and the long-term partnerships that we build. In fact, we win most of our new work though the word-of-mouth recommendations of existing clients and acquaintances. We’re not motivated by the quick win of a one-off sale, but are looking to establish an ongoing working relationship, where we can grow together and really get to know each other.

We’re active and well-respected members of the Derby business community, and regularly participate in networking events. So, feel free to ask around, check out what people say about us online, or come and meet us in person and decide for yourself.

    We provide…

  • personal service
  • named training expert as a consistent contact point
  • friendly, down-to-earth, pragmatic approach
  • comprehensive business-focussed support
  • long-term partnerships
    We can work at many levels, including…

  • shop-floor workers
  • managers & team leaders
  • board-level staff
  • union officials
  • family business members
    We can deal with…

  • conflict resolution
  • sensitive situations
  • complex issues
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