Annie Litchfield

The work bit

After studying for a degree in Communication Studies, I began my training career over 20 years ago with TNT UK Ltd.  My passion for helping others learn soon saw me progress to a role as Regional Training Officer, where I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Development (MCIPD). My experience within both a multi-national and a family run logistics business have given me experience of the full training cycle from training needs analysis to delivery and evaluation. During my maternity leave from my role as Commercial Training Manager, I continued my love of learning by qualifying as an Antenatal Teacher. It enabled me to keep my training skills fresh and my mind active whilst dealing with 2 small children!

More than just my CV, I hope I bring a vibrancy and exuberance for what I do. This is often reflected in the feedback I get:

'Annie was fantastic at delivering the presentation with great content which I will personally find very useful.'

'Annie's delivery style and enthusiasm were brilliant - she's very engaging.' 

I am super chatty and can engage with everyone. My straight-talking, down to earth nature offer a refreshing approach in a training world that can be filled with jargon!

Please give me a call if you want to discuss any training needs you might have. I am always happy to chat! With my knowledge and enthusiasm, I am ideally positioned to advise you on your training and development needs.

The personal bit

I live in Nottinghamshire with my two children and our cute rescue dog, Anna. I bring a love for vintage clothes and often a flash of bright pink hair to the office. Who knows what the next outfit or hair colour will be! 1980's batwings seem to be making quite an appearance at the moment! When I can, I will often help my friend out in his hair salon to feed my love of chatting and of course get the next bright colour or cut in exchange!

I love to hit the gym and lift some heavy weights – dodgy back allowing! This is to offset my love of all things sweet.  I also love Star Wars and Marvel. Yes, I am a bit of a film geek!  At weekends I am often seen chilling wearing my Star Wars jumper, jeans and trainers in sharp contrast to ‘Office Annie’. I love to read a variety of non-fiction books as I have a real passion for not only helping others learn but also for my own. You will often see articles on our website where I discuss my thoughts on the books I have read or those that have particularly influenced my thinking. Take a look!

My thoughts on training bit

My love of helping others learn first came when I was training new members of my customer service team. It was mostly on-the-job training that had to be delivered so I created helpful reminder and knowledge sheets that I would laminate (got to love a laminator!). I really enjoyed seeing the development in people and how they would progress. Even better was seeing those same people getting promoted or moving sideways into roles they loved. Training then became my focus and over 20 years later I am still enjoying it.

Working in training has so many facets to it - working with the client to uncover exactly what their needs are, scoping the project to get the detail of what improvements are needed, researching and designing the session, the actual delivery, evaluating its success, and working with the client to follow-up.

I love the creativity of the design work but even after all this time, I always seem to underestimate how long this takes! I love the feeling of creating something new that will ultimately enable others to develop or improve. The delivery part enables me to meet some great new people. My style is very facilitative so I actively encourage my delegates to share their thoughts and best practice. Surely many heads are better than one!

Whilst I am more than happy to waffle on about the theory behind a lot of topics as I am a bit of a book worm, my focus always has to be on the practical application of the sessions I design and run. What will the delegates be able to do differently as a result? What will they be able to take back to their workplace to implement? When time and resources are short, clients want the best bang for their buck and this means being very clear from the outset what the result of the training will be and using the time wisely when I design and deliver.

Online learning has opened up a whole new amazing world of opportunities for both me as a trainer and for my clients. We are not constrained by location or by training room provision. One session I delivered recently had a delegate who was in his living room in Amsterdam. Awesome! Whilst I am sure online learning has established itself firmly in the lives of many organisations I very much look forward to the time when I can get back out there face-to-face with some of you fabulous people.

Training rocks!


Really good and interesting and very useful

The webinar was perfect for me the content was really good and interesting and very useful. The interaction just by message was better for me than being on camera. Thanks for a good course.

Mark Reed
Funeral Team Manager

Really helpful

I love the half-day session. I was fully engaged throughout. Annie knows how to bring the material to life and provide a thought-provoking session.
I would certainly recommend this session.

Suzi Rose
L&D Advisor

Annie is a really bubbly character

The webinar was led by Annie from Loates. Annie is a really bubbly character and engaged with the participants in a relaxed and friendly manner.

I found the content of the webinar really helpful in making suggestions to tweak our performance review process. As a business we are in the early implementation stages of carrying out performance reviews so it was a very timely session. Employee engagement is one of the key issues to the business succeeding. The webinar gave us an opportunity to do some little breakout exercises which gave us an opportunity to reflect on how we could help to develop our colleagues. With this being more of a workshop session we also have the opportunity to interact with others on the session. It was interesting to learn of the challenges others had and how they were trying to resolve them.
Annie is clearly a bookworm and made a number of suggestions regards to reading material to consider. My Audible account is now down to zero credit and Amazon have delivered some bedtime reading.

Thanks Annie & Loates for running this session; I found it really helpful.

Carl Singleton
Operations Director

Boosted my spirit and made me laugh lots!

I have attended numerous training sessions with Annie and always find her to be an engaging and relevant trainer. My last session on ‘How to rebuild employee trust and morale’ was a worthwhile couple of hours that boosted my spirit and made me laugh lots! Now I am looking to see what other sessions you offer!

Karen Stevens

Excellent training

I found the mental health first aid training excellent, it was delivered sensitively and professionally, everyone’s points of view were considered and respected. I would thoroughly recommend this training to other voluntary sector organisations.

Ann Rowlands

A great training session

I just wanted to say thank you to Sarah and Annie for a great training session yesterday for Timms Solicitors partners, associates and the management team. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and the energy in the room was brilliant. I have learnt a great deal about my team and they have learnt about themselves and how to manage their behaviour in the office and gain respect from the staff. I must say I was very proud of the way they all engaged and the contributions they made. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in us.

Fiona Moffat
Managing Partner


A great workshop delivered by Annie Litchfield. Very much brought to life by her bubbly personality, her personal willingness to share her journey which was infectious on the groups openness.
Much insight around stressors and the ability to cope with them, which provided for some valuable take aways. With having a slightly more informed insight into Stressors and Coping Strategies (MSc), I did wonder whether the presentation might have benefited from a little academic insight in the intro ie What stress is. Generally the 2 categorisations of coping mechanisms ie Problem Solving and Emotional regulation. But all in all very insightful, enjoyable and useful.

Ian Raspin
Olympic Prg Coach
British Canoeing

Essential and well delivered training

This training is essential for managers and employees who need to have a clear understanding of Mental health and practical structured ways to support their team.
Mental Health First Aid does exactly that.
I really benefited from Annie’s open-ness and professional knowledge coupled with the group discussions and learning gained from other candidates in different industries was extremely valuable.
It has really helped me identify new ways of working and supporting the health of my team. This course, just like physical first aid gives clear guidance on immediate support that can be applied in a multitude of scenarios.
I would recommend this training for at least one person in every workplace.

Helen West
Project Manager

Fantastic Course!

The course was held by Annie, a fantastic presenter, who made the entire course enjoyable with her vast knowledge of management and ability to make the course fun for all!

I would definitely recommend it to all.

Jamie Chaplin
Support Manager
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