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We provide East Midlands businesses with practical training for managers, supervisors, and team leaders. As you’d expect, our management, HR, wellbeing, and soft skills courses are designed and delivered by a highly qualified, experienced, and accredited team of experts. But since we also run a multi-award winning HR Consultancy, we actually do all the things we talk about in our training, on a day-to-day basis out there in the real-world. As a result, we can adopt a down-to-earth and business focused approach within our courses, bringing theory to life by drawing on numerous interesting cases that we have ourselves personally dealt with.

So, rather than boring you with a load of dull hypothetical academic talk, we’ll instead show you the best practical ways to effectively deal with the types of tricky management issues that you’re likely to really face within your workplace. Which means that our training fully involves participants through interactive exercises, case studies, and Q&A sessions. No ‘death by PowerPoint’ here!

We supply the full lifecycle of training services, all the way from initial pre-training needs analysis to post-training evaluations and follow-up support. We can deliver our management training in whatever format best suits you, ranging from single off-the-shelf bite-sized webinars to bespoke programmes of full-day classroom based sessions with comprehensive follow-up support. We don’t view our training as simply an end in itself, but rather as an effective means of helping your business get to where it wants to go.

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Really helpful

I love the half-day session. I was fully engaged throughout. Annie knows how to bring the material to life and provide a thought-provoking session.
I would certainly recommend this session.

Suzi Rose
L&D Advisor


Overall very impressed. The course was well taught by Annie who was knowledgeable, funny, open and kind. I would recommend to anyone for the simple benefit to further their understanding of the invisible struggles of yourself and others around you. I feel more confident to be able to spot people who are struggling and more able to approach them to be of assistance where possible. The atmosphere made it feel like a safe space and meeting people and hearing others’ views and stories was also beneficial to the learning experience.

Thank you!

Liam Walters
Senior Technician, Chemistry

The course was really good and I really enjoyed the interaction with the trainer

I think the course was really beneficial for my role in the company, however, i thought it could be a bit longer than we had. i would like to have similar kind of courses in terms of management to broaden my experience into managing people better. The interaction with the trainer was good and also the references such as the authors and the clips were outstanding. I would recommend people to get into those kind of courses.

Manoj Jagroo
Production Supervisor

Useful course

This was a useful course covering some well known and less well known issues in discrimination. It’s interesting to see the views on the differences between banter, bullying and harassment. This is a massive subject, quite contentious in many ways and open to much debate but the course aims to set the ground rules and increase awareness in the workplace.

Nicholas Brading
Technical Sales

Enjoyable, knowledgeable and skill developing training

The training had me engaged throughout. A lot to take in but all very interesting and useful. Especially liked ways to manage difficult conversations and looking at the storm model and update my own methods! Very much liked the three steps to accelerate trust as a tool. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘The menti metre’ as it was great looking directly at results in the moment to get an example of shared beliefs and understanding how important our own values are when being authentic leaders! Great course and would recommend it to others.

Marina Martin
Lead Occupational Therapist
Merton integrated learning disabilities team

Informative and engaging

Annie’s, training sessions are informative, and engaging.I found this course very useful for my day to day role , it gave me a better understanding of what authentic leadership is about and how to approach and deal with issues which may arise in the workplace and has given me renewed confidence to handle them effectively.

Loates Management Training courses are delivered in a clear and concise manner making the content easy to understand , Highly recommended.

Shawn Williams
Customer Service Improvement Manager

Excellent training

I found the mental health first aid training excellent, it was delivered sensitively and professionally, everyone’s points of view were considered and respected. I would thoroughly recommend this training to other voluntary sector organisations.

Ann Rowlands

Brilliant course

Really enjoying this course. Very informative. The course tutor was very knowledgeable along with being approachable.

Tracey Carver
Welfare Officer


Annie is a fantastic trainer, her content and input is always insightful and practical and I look forward to courses with her. These courses have boosted my confidence as a new manager.

Zoe Burden
Library Manager
Merton Libraries

No 'death by PowerPoint' here!

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