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High Performing Teams 2-Day Programme

£2,100.00 £1,750.00
for up to 15 delegates

This programme combines a range of management, HR, personal effectiveness and wellbeing modules specially selected to help you create high performing teams.

for up to 15 delegates
for up to 15 delegates
for up to 15 delegates
for up to 15 delegates
for up to 15 delegates
for up to 15 delegates


You know the basics of being a manager, but now you want to work on creating a really high performing team that packs a punch. Not sure how you can better motivate your team? Are you struggling to get your team to think 'outside of the box'? Do they struggle with change? Do you want to improve your performance management processes?  - well this programme can help.

We kick off with an overview of what a high performing team looks like before diving deeper into the topics of motivation, coaching, performance management, managing change and creative thinking. You will leave this programme buzzing with ideas that you can implement in your workplace to help build your high performing team.


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Learning Outcomes

Please refer to the individual course outlines for each component module.

Resources Included

We will provide you with our bang-up-to-date handout and template pack for each of the modules. Prepared by the experts from Loates Management Training and our sister brand Loates HR Consultancy, these fully editable Microsoft Office documents will save you hours of research and typing pain once you return to your workplace.

Delivery Options

We love meeting all our clients face-to-face and getting to strut our stuff in the classroom with our whiteboards, tech, fab lunches, copious amounts of coffee and biscuits and lots of chatter.

But due to all that Covid-19 malarkey we've also become rather good at delivering our training online. These virtual sessions still have the discussions and exercises that we would have had in the classroom,  just slightly adapted and tailored to meet the online environment. And what's more, they offer outstanding levels of flexibility, cost effectiveness, and efficient use of employee time.

So, now you have the choice!

All programmes can be delivered in-person at our site, your site, a third-party venue, or alternatively as a series of live online sessions.

Each day of classroom delivery equates to three 2-hour online sessions.

Find out more about our delivery options...

  • Online
  • Loates Classroom
  • Client Classroom

Pricing Options

Super simple and transparent pricing.

  • You buy the whole training programme for a single fixed price, then put as many delegates as you want on it, up to a maximum of 15.
  • The price stays the same whether you opt for online or classroom delivery.

And what's more, by choosing a 2-day programme you get six of our management training courses for the price of five!

Which gives you 12 hours of top quality training from less than £117 per person. Bargain!

Customisation Options

The management training courses and programmes listed here on our website are just a starting point to give you some idea of the kinds of things we can do. We can also work with you to fully align our existing course content with your company processes and objectives, or even come up with entirely new courses. We all about flexibility here, so if you'd like programmes with more courses, repeating programmes, hybrid online/classroom programmes, or something even more bespoke, just let us know.

We don't see our goal as simply delivering training, but rather as effecting real meaningful change within your business. Since a number of our trainers also work within our sister brand Loates HR Consultancy, we're used to working with our clients to help practically deliver the things we talk about during our training sessions in actual real-world scenarios. And we can help you with that too.

So, we can also supplement our training with followup support and mentoring from experienced practitioners to ensure that your course delegates are able to successfully apply their new skills and knowledge once they return to the workplace.

Just get in touch if you'd like to discuss these options further.

Find out more about our customisation options...

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