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Shona has been running Neish Consultancy Limited, a Leadership Training and Coaching Company since 2011 and has over 20 years’ experience in a Global Blue Chip Company designing and delivering training and organisation interventions. Her interactive and fun style encourages a great learning environment and her interventions are results focused, bringing to the fore her own knowledge and that of her participants. Learning is always implemented by discussions on how to implement learning in a practical way back in the workplace ensuring that the leaders behaviour becomes embedded in their day to day life. By being results focused, client achievement is Shona’s priority.


“Excellent relationships with course participants, ensures everyone’s engaged, creates a positive fun atmosphere yet meets the objectives of the course”

Thomas Whitesmith
Thomas Whitesmith
10:53 14 Sep 18
Excellent experience every time. Thoroughly impressed with Shona's attention to detail and very good memory! would recommend every time.
Rosie Mellers
Rosie Mellers
15:34 09 Sep 18
I would highly recommend Neish Consultancy Ltd, I’ve had the pleasure of Shona coaching me for a number of sessions during 2017 and into 2018. Shona’s style is extremely adaptable, and Shona allowed me the time and space to work through the sessions in my own way, while ensuring that the sessions were structured and focused. Shona was beyond flexible, including providing sessions over Skype and face-to-face – which for me with a busy work and social life with a huge positive. It also held me accountable for my goals and objectives, in a supportive manner, as we factored in sessions in a timely fashion – meaning there was no time for excuses! A friendly supportive mechanism to keep you on the right track. This was helped hugely by Shona’s incredible team which added extra value to my experience – there was always someone on hand! A special thank you to Adele.Shona used probing questions to help me challenge my thought process and in turn I achieved far more than I ever thought I could. Shona was professional but encouraged a relaxed approach which truly helped me to speak openly and more importantly honestly. I trust Shona irrevocably. The trust I have for Shona and her incredible knowledge and outlook helped me achieve my goals. We are continuing working together to keep building and reframing new goals which is exciting and I will always recommend Shona and her team.I am happy to personally talk to anyone thinking of engaging Neish Consultancy Limited, to speak honestly about my experience.With ever-thankful wishes Rosie Mellers, HR Advisor
Laura Etheridge
Laura Etheridge
10:53 30 Aug 18
The personal and business benefits gained from coaching with Shona from Neish Consultancy have been invaluable. Shona consistently brought valuable insights and techniques to our sessions, as well as tools to use outside of those meetings. Shona has a business mind, which was really relevant in our coaching, as well as a strong emphasis on maintaining work-life balance. The qualities I particularly appreciate about Shona is that she is objective, clear, concise and challenging. She also has a fantastic sense of humour, which makes the time that you spend with her thoroughly enjoyable! I would highly recommend engaging Shona for coaching and training.
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  • Leadership Coaching
  • Design and Delivery of Training
  • Facilitation and Change Management
  • Organisation Development


  • JCB
  • Siltbuster
  • University of Nottingham

Inspirational Leaders Development

For leaders and potential leaders, we encourage continuous development in the effectiveness of individual and organisation leadership styles.


Coaching offers a tailored development solution and can be done as part of a development programme or as a stand alone solution.

Talent Management

Whether for talent assessment or key position recruitment, Neish Consultancy designs and delivers assessment and development centres to suit organisation requirements. You may utilise these for current vacancies, to create an internal talent pipeline or to create an external recruitment pipeline. We are also able to deliver these with detailed feedback reports, development plans and follow on career placement service.

Personal Skills Training

For professional staff as well as leaders and managers, we all need a little help and some updating on our skills. Our personal skills training does just that.


To raise awareness of the change process and how people react to change. Through one to one and team coaching we support organisations and individuals through the change process on their journey through the change curve.

Team Building

Bespoke events to suit your needs that brings fun and achievement together.

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