Loates Online Training : What to Expect?

As Loates HR Training moves training online we thought it would be useful to describe what our online learning looks like. We want to offer interactive, live sessions that suit our company style of delivering engaging energetic workshops. To get the most from each session we would like delegates to get actively involved in the content and discussions. Have a look below at what to expect!

What does Loates online training look like?

We put a face to our trainers and delegates by having the cameras and mics on so that we can all interact and see one another. This is so important to us to foster working relationships and to the sharing of ideas and experiences. We will run discussions where everyone can participate (depending on numbers) and we actively encourage questions throughout.

Once we’ve met one another we share our PowerPoint presentation which guides us through the content of the course. Delegates can then see the presentation and other delegates on camera.

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How do we utilise the technology to help our delegates learn?

We love to use the breakout rooms functionality of Zoom Pro. It allows us to split the group into smaller syndicates to work on specific tasks or case studies as we would in a face-to-face session. As trainers we can then pop into the rooms and check in on everyone and then send an on-screen countdown to return to the main group.

We also use polls which allow us to ask questions to check for learning as well as get experience and opinion information from the delegates. This is particularly useful when there are larger numbers of delegates.

How else do we get delegates involved?

We like to use the annotation tools to allow delegates to directly scribe onto the slides.

We also use the whiteboard function in a similar way to how we would use a flipchart.

How can delegates ask questions?

We encourage an open, relaxed approach to questions so that delegates can ask them throughout. This can be done via just speaking up or adding to the chat box. With larger groups the chat box can often be more manageable to ask a question than the mics. As trainers we can then come directly to that person for further clarification and discussion.

What added value do delegates get from our online sessions?

  • Live interactive sessions delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Q&A
  • Copies of the presentation slides
  • A template document pack that contains useful policies, hints, and tips
  • Opportunity to network with other businesses

We have made the change to online training and know that it will remain even after lockdown eases so that we can offer a blended, flexible approach for our clients. Please take a look at our latest courses on our schedule and do get in touch if there are any of the face-to-face courses that you would like us to deliver online.

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