Here’s why you should support your team’s wellbeing

Mind highlights ‘Organisations rely on having a healthy and productive workforce, and it makes no sense for employers to ignore the wellbeing of their staff. Mental health problems like anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress affect one in six British workers each year.  They can affect anyone in any industry.

ACAS specifies that employers have a ‘duty of care’. This means they must do all they reasonably can to support their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing. This includes: ​

  • making sure the working environment is safe​
  • protecting staff from discrimination ​
  • carrying out risk assessments​

But is that enough? With 1 in 4 of the UK workforce having been diagnosed with a mental health condition it’s important workplaces are safe and supportive environments. Mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and issues associated with alcohol and drug misuse are often stigmatised which means people hide their feelings.​ As an employer, you can help employees open-up about these feelings and facilitate discussions by having qualified mental health first aiders.

Loates offer a two-day Mental Health First Aider course at our base in Darley Abbey, Derby. Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently support mental health in the workplace and effectively guide a person towards the right mental health support.

Through group discussions, exercises and personal reflections you will learn how to spot the triggers and signs of a range of mental health issues so that you can confidently step in, reassure and support a person in distress.

By developing your interpersonal skills, you will be able to truly listen and fully understand the person’s position. This will enable you to signpost them to the most appropriate support.

With mental health awareness in the workplace it’s more likely you’ll spot a colleague that’s started to suffer Monday blues, or you’ll know that SHUSH is the best way to help a person who has come to you for support. With MHFA training you’ll have someone in place who knows that carrying on being your usual self can help someone who is struggling. They will also be able to spot the signs if a teammate is not acting as usual.​

Is it time for you to have a qualified mental health first aider in your business?

‘A highly informative and interesting course, delivered sensitively yet entertainingly by Amanda Jackson. I now feel way more equipped to deal with mental health issues both in my personal and professional life. A hugely beneficial two days – thank you.’

Helen Brown, Business Manager, Solo Support Services Ltd, West Bridgford, Nottingham

‘I recently attended the 2-day Mental Health First Aid training at Loates HR Training and am really pleased I did. Sometimes it’s hard to allow yourself two days ‘off work’ and invest in your own development, but I’m glad I did. Apart from increasing my knowledge about mental health, the training has given me the confidence to approach staff about mental health, the focus to further invest in mental health awareness and – as a great bonus – the importance of self-care was a great reminder. P.S. The training room in Loates’ new facility in Darley Mills is fantastic too – onsite parking and a stroll in the park at break time.’

Francoise Derksen, HR Manager, Midland Lead, Swadlincote

‘The MHFA Two Day course is superb. Loates trainer Amanda delivered the course in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, engaging everybody and making difficult subjects very easy to discuss and learn about. The practical exercises were actually fun but with a serious point, the Hearing Voices one really brought home to me how some people suffer. The course covers depression and anxiety, suicide, psychosis and gives you a framework to use to help people. The course book is huge, well produced and contains more detailed information than you need for the course, you take it away and dip in it at your leisure. Loates training rooms allowed for small group work and large discussions with large screen and good sound.’

Belinda Leicester, Consultant, FPA Consulting, Derby

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