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Creative Climate Conference

Thursday 8th September , 08:30 16:00

Creative Climate Conference

Fazeley Studios

Custard Factory,191 Fazeley Street, Deritend
Birmingham, B5 5SE
£250 Full conference ticket

Creative Climate Conference

It’s time to step out of your marketing comfort zone

The last few years have dawned a new era that marketers have to navigate. How do we do that? What are the things that people, marketers, businesses need to be thinking about to be relevant to what’s going on, the mood of the times, and adapting to a seemingly ever-changing environment we inhabit. 

You will find out the answers to all these questions and more, at MarketEd.Live presents Creative Climate.  

Prepare to be challenged as we aim to provoke and stir emotion to enable our community of intelligent thinkers to forge their own path ahead for the better of themselves, their businesses, their audiences and the broader world we live in. 

‘Mad Genius’ or ‘Enlightened Visionary’?

Exploring the relationship between creativity and wellbeing 

Does our sense of wellbeing help or hinder our creativity? History tells us that there is a link. But for the creatives of today how can we use some of the same positive wellbeing techniques to open the doors of perception to aid our work. A holistic approach to wellbeing brings benefits for not only our work but also for our social and family lives. It’s a win win!

This session is one of six featured within the Creative Climate conference.


Annie Litchfield

Annie is a CIPD accredited learning and development specialist, and an MHFA England accredited mental health first aid instructor.


Loates Workplace Wellbeing

01332 895 295

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