Employee, Worker, or Self-Employed?

Employment status training, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, East Midlands

Includes breakfast, template document pack, and optional post-course HR support

Pimlico Plumbers, Addison Lee, Uber and Deliveroo. What do they have in common? They have all navigated the minefield that is employment status. With the rise of the gig economy this subject is rapidly gaining traction so that business owners need to be sure whether they have engaged on a self–employed, employed or the half-way house that is a worker. Each category attracts different employment rights, some of which can prove costly to a business if back dated.

This half day workshop guides you step by step to help you determine what you currently have in your business. You will undertake this within the workshop using our employment status tool. We will then cover the different types of contractual arrangements that individuals can be placed on. We will also discuss practical actions that you can take so the desired employment status is reflected in the reality of the working arrangements. We will use the Pimlico Plumber case to highlight how these can undermine the desired employment status. With clear post workshop actions for what you need to do back in the business, accompanied by a suite of documents to support you with this task.

Note this course will not cover whether an individual is self-employed or employed for the purposes of HMRC. It is advised that advice from an accountant or tax specialist is sought in relation to this.

Open course dates

We don’t currently have any public open sessions scheduled for this course, so please contact us to discuss bespoke options.

Company specific courses

We can also deliver this course on-demand should you wish us to run a session reserved entirely for your company. For such dedicated sessions we offer flexible delivery location, minor content customisation, and discounted delegate rates. Alternatively we can combine content from this course with that from others to create a hybrid course, or design an entirely bespoke course to suit the needs of your company. We can also provide programmes of multiple courses. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss any of these options.

Course content

We will discuss:

  • What am I? Self-employed, employee or worker
  • Understand the employment rights and cost implications
  • Employment status mapping
  • Identify the appropriate contractual arrangement for engagement
  • Practical steps to reinforce the desired employment status

INCLUDES document template pack

Slash the time taken by your everyday HR tasks and guard against the risk of poorly drafted documents by using our bang-up-to-date template pack. Prepared by the experts from Loates HR Consultancy, these fully editable Word document files will save you hours of research and typing pain.

  • Employment status workbook
  • Fixed-term contract template
  • Zero hours contract template
  • Casual worker agreement
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