Cost of Change

Although we’re qualified and experienced trainers, in our day-to-day jobs we also work as HR consultants, providing outsourced HR departments for SMEs that don’t have their own internal HR teams.

Time and time again, we are faced with sorting out situations that would have been so much easier and cheaper to resolve had they been tackled earlier.

Remember the old proverb “a stitch in time saves nine”? Well, with HR it’s true.

Or for a more academic perspective, just read about Boehm and the ‘Cost of Change’ curve.

What’s even more frustrating is that many of these time-consuming and expensive problems were entirely predictable. And they could have been easily avoided, if only those involved had been properly trained in advance, so that they we’re fully equipped to effectively handle the situation as it arose.

Initially, we began offering training services simply as a natural follow up to the HR issues we resolved, in order to make sure that they never happened again. But now we’re making it our mission to help small business owners put the necessary training in place beforehand, so that they will never need to call on our HR problem solving expertise.