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  • Does challenge make you happy?
    by Annie Litchfield on Friday 28th August, 2020

    I've always found it fascinating how some people can tap into their physical and mental reserves that others can only dream of. That's why I love World’s Strongest Man competitions and my favourite competitor Eddie Hall. Eddie set himself three goals early on in his strongman career; to be the World’s Strongest Man, to do a 500kg deadlift, and to meet his hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He achieved all three with absolute drive and determination. Checkout his documentary on Netflix for this guy’s down to earth approach.

  • Improve your productivity by getting in ‘the zone’
    by Annie Litchfield on Saturday 30th May, 2020

    Working from home is the new normal that we keep hearing and reading. The COVID-19 pandemic will change the way work looks for a lot of us as companies and employees realise the benefits of home working. However, whilst the distraction of colleagues and tea rounds has gone there are other distractions in the home that can take our attention away.

  • Are you using the Six Thinking Hats in your meetings?
    by Annie Litchfield on Monday 27th April, 2020

    Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a tool based on the concept of parallel thinking where everyone is thinking in the same way at the same time – wearing the same ‘hat’. De Bono argues that it is far more effective if we all look at an issue from the same perspective and at the same time rather than one person thinking of all the negatives or another thinking of all the positives.

  • How organised are your kitchen cupboards?
    by Annie Litchfield on Thursday 19th March, 2020

    I have been musing over the extra time at home and possible extra working hours where the interruptions, calls, office chats etc don’t take place. This could mean therefore that we all have a bit more quadrant 2 time to plan and prepare. Awesome! Or, it could mean we all get too distracted and end up watching Holly and Phil on This Morning! Let’s hope it’s the former.

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