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  • Moving to the new normal and online training
    by Sarah Loates on Monday 25th May, 2020

    I love the face to face interaction of a training environment. Today was going to be different, as I would be delivering my first virtual Loates HR training session. ‘HR Essentials for the New Normal’.

  • Workplace investigation reporting
    by Annie Litchfield on Tuesday 17th March, 2020

    A lot of time and effort goes into an investigation at work from interviewing witnesses, compiling evidence, reviewing policies and witness statements etc. Once all this work has been completed a report needs to be written to outline the evidence and make recommendations for next action. That all sounds great however, but when was the last time you wrote an official report? Depending on your job that could have been some time ago back in college or uni.

  • Are you recruiting fairly?
    by Annie Litchfield on Friday 13th March, 2020

    Have you heard of the phrase protected characteristics? Do you know what they all are? How does this relate to you as an employer or Line Manager? How does your recruitment stack up as a fair and objective process? You will not be discriminatory if you recruit based on objective skills and competences such as confidence, drive, ability to remain cool, leadership skills, communication skills and the ability to get on with people.

  • John has raised a grievance about Dave; what do I do now?
    by Annie Litchfield on Monday 9th March, 2020

    The world of investigations can seem a daunting place and the consequences if it is done incorrectly can be costly. As business owners and managers, you need to familiarise yourself with the process as deciding without completing a reasonable investigation can make any subsequent decisions or actions unfair and leave you vulnerable to legal action.

  • Questions, questions, questions!
    by Annie Litchfield on Monday 9th March, 2020

    Daniel Barnett, in his book ‘Employee Investigations’ (2017) states that ‘some of the biggest pitfalls are around questioning.’ He suggests that investigating managers should be given help and support to know what questions to ask to get the most out of the investigation. There are a host of questions and communication techniques that can be useful to gathering the information you need to make a decision.

  • Are you focused on your people?
    by Annie Litchfield on Wednesday 5th February, 2020

    Getting to grips with the HR side of any business can not only keep you out of a tribunal court but also build an effective, motivated team that ultimately gives you better results. Surely, that’s what we all want!

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