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  • Are you using the Six Thinking Hats in your meetings?
    by Annie Litchfield on Monday 27th April, 2020

    Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a tool based on the concept of parallel thinking where everyone is thinking in the same way at the same time – wearing the same ‘hat’. De Bono argues that it is far more effective if we all look at an issue from the same perspective and at the same time rather than one person thinking of all the negatives or another thinking of all the positives.

  • Are you a shark or a teddy bear? Do you have a win/win mentality?
    by Annie Litchfield on Tuesday 25th February, 2020

    When we know we must have a difficult conversation we know we may be facing conflict. But how do you feel about that? Are you the sort that says ‘bring it on’ or do you just want to run away from it?

  • What feedback has made the most difference to your career?
    by Annie Litchfield on Tuesday 25th February, 2020

    The power of great feedback can never be underestimated. Neither can that of poor feedback. So, if you want to make an impact on someone, improve their performance, deal with a difficult issue or simply say well done, follow these tips:

  • ‘Helen have you got a minute? I need a word’.
    by Annie Litchfield on Friday 21st February, 2020

    The course of running a business does not always run smoothly; there can be bumps along the way. Often these can be caused by your people: Performance issues, bullying, harassment, misconduct, personal issues, personality clashes and so on.

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